Diner Dash: Hometown Hero

A few months ago, one of the hot topics in my mailing list was about Diner Dash, a game that my friends found so fun and addictive. I was able to find a FREE download of the game by Playfirst, a leading publisher of casual games and the creator of the hit series! This series of games is about Flo, who ditches her desk job to start her own restaurant.

PlayFirst recently launched the latest chapter in the Diner Dash series, Diner Dash: Hometown Hero. In this chapter of her story, Flo returns to her hometown to help her grandma revitalize some of her favorite – but sadly rundown – hangouts like the zoo, ballpark, museum and amusement park. Gameplay consists of helping Flo earn enough tips every shift to upgrade each venue. With challenges such as noisy teenagers, impatient celebrities and a tough food critic, players will be kept on the top of their tip-seeking toes!

The basic version is free up to seven levels with no time limit. In the gourmet edition, there are more enjoyable special features such as dressing up your waiter and inviting friends to play in a diner you created! You can also buy items for your diner or purchase new downloadable restaurants.