A spooky birthday celebration :)

My friend Clarice invited me to her birthday party last October 31. We, together with Kitte, Rhodora, Denise, Teenee, Monet, Abie and Diosa became close since the days of our wedding preps, having met through weddings @work 3 years ago.. We have kept in touch and have remained close, even though we don't get to see each other that much lately. The internet really brings people together. I wouldn't have known these great gals if it were,'t fot this modern wonder!

Anyway, I digress. Clarice, the birthday celebrant, is now a sought after wedding coordinator. She was a top ten w@w supplier last year! In fact, she's again in this year's list of the top ten suppliers! I'm so happy for her :)

The party was kinda last minute, so from the way she worded her email invitation to us, we thought that it was going to be a small, simple affair -- you know, one of the things I would throw on a last minute notice.

I thought wrong :)

We thought we went to the wrong place. The place was decorated with skulls, spider webs, a skeleton, and the lighting was muted. I have never gone to a BIRTHDAY party decorated in that way and we thought that somebody else was having a halloween party!

Well, Clarice was there, so it was definitely HER party. Well, it WAS October 31 so halloween decors WERE appropriate :)

Good food, nice though spooky ambiance, good conversation with good friends...I really enjoyed myself that evening. Didn't get to the Mongolian barbecue and the bar because we'd rather stay put and talk. We were seated with Fred and Teenee and we mostly talked about our kids :). Abie and Rey were not seated with us, but they came over to chat too.

Thanks, Clarice, for inviting us! Pahingi pictures ha?


bernardandclarice said...

Hi Joey!!!

Hahaha! Naunahan mo pa ako mag-post!

Thanks, sis! I feel really touched that you guys came. Thank you, thank you!

I know what you mean when you said the thing about the internet. Until now, I still find it weird that we "met" online and yet have become real life friends!

To online and real life friendships!