Got this tag from Pheng. :D

(excerpt from 'all you need to know about ronito, ronita!' of ironnie)
"ronito, ronita!" is adapted from monito/monita. the goal of this activity is to foster camaraderie and to be acquainted with other bloggers we have still not met. this will be done as participants will be assigned a blogger whom he has to send a wish or a prayer on christmas via e-cards.

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how to join?

[1] fill up and submit the details of this form.
[2]copy and post the rules to your blog. include the “backward list” (a record of how the tag reached you) and add your name.
[3] recruit for participants. be sure to get their consent.

should they agree to join, add them to your “forward list” (bloggers you’ve convinced to join).

remind them to do item #1.

** participants will be accepted until december 16 (phil. time) only. on december 17, the organizer will email to you the details of your ronito/ronita. send him/her a christmas greeting via e-cards preferably on december 25.

should time be a constraint, you can send it earlier.

my backward link list:ironnie, jeff, bluepanjeet, thess, gbex, liza, liza 2, rems, eds, abie, pheng, joey

- add your name here: Joey

please join us in the internet way of feeling the spirit of Christmas: Norm, Jerlalou, Texas Sweetie, Scotty's Princess, Prettylifeonline, Eds, Garf, Denz, Wersp. :)