I got accepted at Payperpost!

Blogging is a good medium of expression for aspiring writers like me. You get to share your thoughts with other people since blogs are available online, unlike the traditional journals or diaries. And I’ve found a virtual community of mothers like me who also blog regularly. It is from these other mommies wherein I’ve first heard about paid blogging, specifically Payperpost.

Even without any monetary reward, blogging is fun! Now that there to make money through blogging, well, it’s double the fun! With the rising cost of living, any additional means of income is VERY welcome! It will certainly increase our present income!

Payperpost is supposed to be the biggest paid blogging site with the most number of advertisers. I am so glad they accepted my blog! It is an affirmation of my blog., and that’s quite a gift! It’s quite simple to just join payperpost, but in order to be a full fledged postie, your blog does have to fulfill certain requirements. In fact, I’ve already tried submitting this blog before and was rejected because I didn’t fulfill some of the requirements. But now, I got accepted! I feel so great about this!

Another good thing about this is that you can actually choose which of the opportunities you want to write about! You do not have to talk about the things you don’t want to, or don’t know anything about. So, that also fulfills MY ethical requirements. Coz, honestly, it’s hard to talk about something you know little to nothing about, or feel strongly against.

If you are an avid blogger, I do suggest you try looking up Payperpost. Make your blog earn a little something for you by talking about the things you love!