The N@W Christmas Party :)

Yesterday, the four of us (hubby, little boy, yaya and me) all went to the N@W Christmas party. This is my first time to attend a N@W party and we really really really had fun!

The food was plentiful! Since it was potlock, many brought in different foods, from rice to ulam to desserts to drinks. May balut pa nga! Galing! There was even a dessert bar by Sweet Tooth and and 2 Alex Franco cakes! Yum, yum!

Oh, and there was the squid ball/kikiam cart by Apple and Adrian! They had to leave early though, so the ones who came later probably didn't get to taste their treats.

There were prizes galore! In fact, I think everyone gets a prize, whether or not they joined the games. Sobrang dami talaga!

Oh, and 2 photo stations! 1 is by the wishing well with John Aguas. Gosh! I've heard of the man but I've never actually met him so I didn't know that the one taking our pictures was actually a well known photographer! The other station was the Fotoloco booth by Meme of Konsepto. Our family had a blast having our picture taken with Santa hats from Bumblebee! Well, actually, only my husband and I wore the hats, Ethan didn't. The pictures were instantly printed out and made into a nice bookmark! What a nice memento! The photographer who went around taking pictures of everyone was Nald, Neri's hubby. Neri has the link to the pics. We enjoyed ourselves too much to take our own pics! :D

The place was just right for the number of people who came. It was at the Pavilion at the McKinley Park of North Greenhills. The Pavilion was just beside the basketball court and the garden with a koi pond. The kids kept going back to the pond to look at the fishes and the turtle. With the cool December breeze, it was not hot at all, even if there was no aircon. It was decorated with balloons like a Kiddie Party :). I think it was Pepel who made the decors. She was also the organizer AND the host for the party.

And there was the amazing unicyclist, a Mr. Velasco (his first name escapes me at the moment) brought in by Jhoanne. Grabe! We were holding our breath and couldn't help shouting when it seems that he would lose his balance and fall...which he didn't :)

There are several rounds of exchange gifts. One for the yayas, 3 for the kids (classified by age group) and 1 for the n@wies. The last one was the most interesting, since you could actually GRAB the gift that somebody else already got. I got a bath care set from Raquel. Thank you, thank you! My son got a Tazmanian Devil towel set, which he really needs....too bad I don't know who to thank for that, but still, thanks! My yaya also got a mirror to go with her other prize (a comb), but we also don't know who to thank for that. I hope the recipients of our gifts also like what they got :)

There are 3 sets of lootbags - 1 for the kids, 1 for the yayas and 1 for the n@wies. We're very proud that we sponsored the natural insect repellant and liniment samples included in the lootbags. We hope that everybody finds good use for them. The other items in the lootbags (Unilab products like phcare and Celeteque) were sponsored by Lissa.

Of course, the most enjoyable aspect about everything is knowing the people behind the names. You see each other's names almost on a daily basis and now, here's finally a chance to really MEET them! Of course, special mention to Benz and John, without whom there would be no w@w and no n@w, the thriving online community to which we all belong to!

Here's wishing everybody a Merry Christmas! I hope we have another party like that next year and that more people join!


Norm said...

I love to eat balut friend! hehehe
Merry Christmas! tag for you...

Mec said...

sister... thanks for seeking me out to make chika :) finally, a face to the name no?

and thanks for sponsoring the insect repellant :) perfect for our noche buena in Lipa... *mwah*