To Get Or Not To Get Another Nanny

Now that I'm having another baby, I'm contemplating on whether I should get another yaya (nanny) for my newborn this coming June. I'm lucky that it's relatively easy and inexpensive to hire a nanny here in the Philippines. I'm in awe of mothers who can juggle a demanding career and still be able to care for their kids! For a working mom like me, having a nanny makes life much easier, as my 3 year old demands a lot of attention that I may not be able to give him while I'm working.

Another nanny might be able to help me with my newborn, but then maybe the one nanny that I have right now may be adequate already. She's not perfect, but then nobody is. At least she takes good care of my kid, is patient with him, does not ask for cash loans too often, and does not take too many days off. I'll be on maternity leave for at least 2 months anyway, so the first month is probably not that crucial, as I'll be home most of the time. I'll be doing most of the work anyway, the feeding (since I will breastfeed again, so no bottles to clean in the meantime), the bathing, the diaper changing and all.

The problem is when I have to go back to work. Good thing it's also class opening by then, so my eldest will be in school for the morning.

Guess I'll have to play it by ear and see how it goes.