My husband's eighteen year old niece is a big anime fan. While I do like some of the animes being shown, I do admit that not all of them are to my taste.

What is anime, anyway? Well, for those not already in the know, it's simply "Japanese animation". The characters generally have similar characteristics of big eyes and multicolored hair, although some artists have veered away from this formula. This class of animation is very much different from the usual Western style animation.

When I was younger, there was Voltes V, Mazinger Z et al on the boob tube before Marcos cancelled all of those shows, claiming that these shows were too violent for their target audiences. They were later replaced by tamer Japanese cartoons like Candy Candy, Ron Ron the Flower Angel, Nobody's Child etc. I'm not sure if the former robot shows were also classified as anime, but the replacements definitely were, although we didn't know it at the time. We only knew that they made for entertaining television fare just before the news came on and and we were supposed to work on our homework.

I've learned that there's actually a big following of anime. There's even an Anime Chat online for such fans. Maybe I should tell my husband's niece about this. I'm sure she'll enjoy herself with such like-minded individuals.