Holiday Money Musings...

For a self-employed private practitioner like me, December is a time when cash is tight compared to the rest of the year. You see, we don't have regular salaries like the employees. Our income is dependent upon how many patients we see. At this time of the year, our census is usually the lowest in the year. I'm thankful that it's a bit better this year compared to the previous years, though. We also do not get 13th month pay (since we don't have an employer) unlike employees who enjoy that cash windfall at this time of the year (and if they're lucky and their company is extra generous, they even get 14th and 15th month pays! Also the spending is high, since we have to pay our staff (both office and household) their 13th month pay, buy gifts for family, inaanaks (godchildren) and our clinic staff.

But, I've always counted my blessings. So far, our earning have been enough for our needs, mainly because we have always not spent beyond our means. For emergencies, we have people to turn to, like our parents, who would not hesitate to lend us money we need. If all else fails, there are fast cash payday loans which we may be able to avail of in times of extreme emergency.

Nothing to complain about, really. As long as we're doing our best for ourselves, our kids, our family, our patients, we'll be fine. :)


Bob Loblaw Law Blog said...

Fast cash payday loans are not really designed for consumerism. They're more meant to give you cash for bills. Then with your next paycheck you pay the loan back. Using them for consumer purposes is most likely going to lead to problems.