Certainty in uncertain times

People are really getting jittery nowadays, what with the looming elections. What will the future hold for this country?

One thing is for sure: we do need to secure OUR OWN future. We can't always pin our hopes for a better government who will give us MORE, because it's pretty difficult to say who will win or what will happen when the new president takes up his duties.

My brother is very serious about going abroad. I am of two minds. It is not a simple matter for me, because unlike my brother who is single, I have to think about my husband and 2 small kids. Although both my husband and I are doctors, who may be on the priority list for "needed" professions in Canada (which means we have a greater chance of getting approved), so many things are holding us back in the meantime. Sigh.

So now what I want to do while deciding is to invest. Clinch the pag-ibig loan so we can pay our condo unit and have it rented out at the soonest possible time. Put more money in our mutual funds once we have the extra cash. Learn about other investments. Maybe try forex. Maybe buy gold bullions. Something easy enough that I can understand. Something that requires only a small investment -- read: what we can afford. Something that is easy to sell. Something that can easily be passed on to my kids. Something that can be verified internationally and something that will not lose its intrinsic value over time.


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