If I Were A Starbucks Drink...

I'd be a White Chocolate Drink. Not the White Chocolate Mocha, but just plain White Chocolate. It's available as White Hot Chocolate, but I was able to order Iced White Chocolate.

Why this reflects ME:

  • It's a very simple drink. No whipped cream, no syrup, at least not for me, just plain hot or iced drink.
  • It's unique. Everybody else orders fraps or coffee. I look for this once in a while.
  • It's white. In a sea of brown coffee. Like a Tsinay in the Philippines -- that's me. :)
  • It's not very obvious. Sometimes people aren't even aware of this drink, it's that unobtrusive. Sometimes I don't see it on the menu and just ask for it, especially the iced version. Like me, I usually blend into the background.
  • Since, strictly speaking, it's not a coffee drink, it does not contain caffeine. Not exciting. Doesn't raise the heart rate. Doesn't make one palpitate. Boring even, at least for some people. But good for everybody -- kids, preggy women (this is my staple when I'm preggy and find myself in starbucks), hypertensive people and other people who have to watch their caffeine intake.
So, in a nutshell (or should I say, a coffee bean), I'm a simple, unique, white (hehehe), unobstrusive, unexciting person!!! :D Just like Starbucks white chocolate!

If you can answer this question, "If you were a Starbucks drink, what would you be and why?" You might get the chance to win one Starbucks planner from Maver! Click here to learn more. You have until December 12, 2009 to join the contest.

To Maver, if I'm lucky enough to win one of your planners, I think I'll get the "Cherries" version.


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Maver said...

hellowie joey! thanks for joining. di ko pa napopost ang results but will do so in a bit. take care!