Holiday confusion

My son's school calendar states that September 9 is a holiday. However, I have yet to hear the official announcement from Malacanang.

While this may not seem like such a big deal, to me it is. We have a team building activity on the eighth and ninth of September, and it's supposed to be an overnight thingy. I do not know if we can bring the kids (I hope so). And even if we can't, there's the problem of bringing my eldest to school. We'll have problems doing that if we're away at the team building affair.

Another problem is that we'll have to cancel other clinic schedules in order to accommodate the team building activity. A holiday would mean that we don't really have to cancel too many clinic skeds since some of our other clinics are closed anyway.

Such are the dilemmas of working parents.

I hope P Noy decides soon. He's been really slow in making decisions. I hope it's because he's still not used to his job, and he's still in the adjustment period, and that this is not reflective on how things are going to be for the rest of his term.


The Real American said...

It is a shame that 8 people had to die because of this insane renegade policeman! It is truly appalling... and even more so, that anyone would sympathize with him - for doing so!

I personally spent 6 years in law enforcement, before I couldn't stomach it anymore - due to the lowlife scum, that frequently gravitate into this highly necessary and truly honorable occupation. Ironically, many of the ones in this field aren't there for the right reasons at all... but rather, to legally legitimize their own incessant "Above The Law" actions.

Moreover, these are generally the ones that claw their way to the top - by constantly enabling their often even more crooked superiors and earning "Brownie Points" with them. Believe me, I honestly wish it were otherwise... but, "The Truth" is The Truth.

If this officer murdered 8 innocent people, then he doesn't deserve any sympathy at all. If this report is true, then I wouldn't even use a new rope to hang him!

Undoubtedly, it is a tragedy that most officers are underpaid... as are [honestly] many of our equally important but largely under-appreciated: soldiers, teachers, firemen, EMT's, etc....