It's the last day of 2006. It's been a good year for us, and for that we are thankful. Milestones that have occurred during this year for our family:

- My son had a full year of NOT being admitted in the hospital. He is currently seizure free even without maintenance medications.
- My son accomplished his milestones at about the time the books said he should. Sometimes even earlier. Yey! Developmentally normal.
- My son had his first out of town trip. It's just Tagaytay, but still....
- My son celebrated his first birthday party. First time for mommy to organize a kiddie party.
- My husband really became the primary breadwinner in our family, as I had to step back a bit and become a little more laid back with my clinical practice. Thankfully, his patient base also grew this year, and at pace faster than normal.
- My mother turned 60. We threw a surprise party for her. First time for us to host a party for her, that was really a surprise for her!
- My brothers went into new avenues for their careers.
- I started our family's online gift shop business this Christmas season. Still on the "sideline" stage though. [It's at , in case anybody is interested :) ].
- I went back to school.
- We bought a new laptop computer, via installment. Our old laptop died....but we were able to have it repaired at a low cost, so now we have 2 laptops! Yey!

There is still so much more. I am thankful for all the blessings that have occurred. I am looking forward to the new year and to new milestones.